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Sean O’Malley offers his forecast for the Bantamweight Title bout at UFC 288 featuring Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo.


Sean O’Malley believes that Henry Cejudo will emerge victorious partly because Aljamain Sterling disclosed that he had a bicep injury, which caused a delay of a few months. O’Malley is concerned that this may not bode well for Sterling in the future as he questions whether the current champion is still dealing with the injury.Sean O’Malley has shared his ultimate forecast for the bantamweight title fight between Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo, which is the main event of UFC 288.The upcoming UFC 288 main event in Newark, New Jersey features a match between Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo.

O’Malley discussed the upcoming fight between Aljo and Henry, noting that it will take place in their hometown of New Jersey. He mentioned that Aljo may be dealing with some pain from his bicep injury, but it didn’t seem to affect his training too much. O’Malley also commented on Henry’s training camp and joked about his claim of inventing shadow sparring.

On The Bro’Malley Show, O’Malley expressed his belief that Henry would be successful in completing the job. He acknowledged that the encounter between the two fighters was uncomfortable, as they were preparing to compete against each other and potentially crush each other’s aspirations. O’Malley predicted that Henry would outperform Aljo due to Aljo’s excessive weight cutting, and he believed that Henry would either win by decision or in the later rounds. Additionally, both fighters expressed their desire to fight O’Malley.

Sterling is aiming to protect his championship title for the third consecutive time, while Cejudo is returning from retirement to attempt to regain the title he previously held in the Octagon. This is a fascinating matchup, and the victor is anticipated to compete against O’Malley, so ‘Suga’ will be closely monitoring the outcome.

Despite his confidence in winning against both opponents, O’Malley anticipates a close fight and predicts that Cejudo will likely win by decision or a late finish.

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