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Chael Sonnen encourages Bellator to spoil PFL’s plans by signing Francis Ngannou as a free agent, and vice versa.


A major announcement will be made with much fanfare and anticipation, hoping to generate interest and attention. However, Chatri took a different approach by not using any flashy tactics and admitting defeat instead of claiming victory. This is a valuable lesson as now there are only two options left.The competition for Francis Ngannou is still ongoing.According to Ariel Helwani, Ngannou has reportedly made a verbal agreement with an unnamed MMA promotion after two major players dropped out. It is speculated that the promotion could be either PFL or Bellator, both of which are highly regarded in the industry.

“This is precisely the action they ought to take. Display the logo, announce a date, reveal the CEO’s name if desired, and post a tweet to spoil the PFL’s celebration. This is the most appropriate course of action. Similarly, if the situation were reversed, the PFL should do the same to Bellator.”
No mixed martial arts organization would release information to a rival, but they should. By doing so, they could gain attention and publicity similar to what Chatri received without spending a significant amount of money on advertising. To achieve the same level of exposure, one would have to spend around 0,000 on marketing efforts.

Party Crashing

Similar to Sityodtong, Chael Sonnen is advocating for Bellator and PFL to think creatively when it comes to Francis Ngannou’s intricate free agency circumstances.

Sonnen praises ONE CEO Chatri Sityodtong for his unique approach in explaining why they wouldn’t sign Ngannou, even going as far as offering M to the powerful fighter.
Bellator and PFL are aware that we are not responsible. One of them is aware that we are not responsible, which implies that they are responsible. Bellator would never consider reporting something for the PFL on their social media platforms. This is the appropriate course of action for them.

Sonnen discusses ONE’s withdrawal from the Ngannou competition.

Although it’s not their typical strategy, Sonnen thinks that Bellator should disrupt PFL’s plans if Ngannou has pledged to join them, and vice versa.

Chael Sonnen, a former UFC title contender, shared his perspective on the current circumstances of ‘The Predator’.

We are left with only two.

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Alright, that’s good to know. It’s a common situation in our field. However, he only has two options for promotions – Bellator and PFL.
Chatri Sityodtong exited differently than what was described. He did not release a statement about a new brand, but instead announced his departure solely for himself. Despite this, his departure still garnered significant media attention.

According to Sonnen on his YouTube channel, Ngannou has reportedly made a decision on where he will go and has informed the promotion. The promotion has instructed him not to disclose any information as they are working on a marketing strategy to make a big impact. This is one of the reasons why Ngannou is being paid a significant amount.

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