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The European Sambo Championships begin with the involvement of Russian athletes competing under a “neutral” status.


The embassy expressed disapproval of the tournament’s association with Rosneft, a Russian energy company that is currently under EU sanctions due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite being labeled as “neutral” competitors, athletes from Russia and Belarus were permitted to participate, with Russian samboists winning gold in 16 out of the 21 divisions that have been contested thus far.

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Reworded: Articles available on your websiteDespite Ukraine’s request to cancel the European Sambo Championships in Haifa due to the presence of Russian athletes, Israel proceeded with the event. The Russian athletes have been performing well in the competition, which has already spanned two days. The Ukrainian Embassy in Israel expressed their disapproval of the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes through a tweet, stating that they do not engage with individuals who have been involved in war crimes.

European Sambo Championships Commence With Participation of

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