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Oldest UFC Fighters in The World


Age At Last Fight: 45 years, 6 months MMA Debut: 2009

Age At Last Fight: 51 years, 10 months (18952)

Oldest Ever UFC Champions

Record: 19-11 As mentioned above, he won UFC championships on five separate occasions while also winning one of the UFC’s early heavyweight tournaments. Among his many records, he was the UFC’s first ever multi-divisional champion. Age At Last Fight: 51, 10 months (18953)

5. Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping

Nationality: American Record: 29-16 (1 NC) Record: 29-16 (1 NC) Nationality: English Nationality: English Nationality: English Date of Birth: June 22, 1963 If he won that fight, then he’d have easily been in our top five oldest UFC champions. Romero has since moved over to Bellator and is still in phenomenal shape. There have been quite a lot of fighters who have carried UFC careers into their early 40s. If we’d have excluded Maurice Smith then Mark Coleman would most likely have entered the list as he was 45 years and one month at the time of his last fight. Date of Birth: March 20, 1982 Last Fight: December 16, 1994 Weight Class: Bantamweight, Featherweight

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Weight Class: Light Heavyweight, Middleweight Despite having that background, he was much more renowned for his striking in the UFC. He fought for the UFC Middleweight Title a couple of times but never quite managed it, with his last fight in the UFC being a title bout against Israel Adesanya in 2020. For this list I had to decide whether I should work out a fighter’s age from their last UFC fight, or their last in MMA. I decided to do the latter as otherwise Maurice Smith wouldn’t have been included. His last fight in the UFC was in 2000 but he kept on fighting until 2013.

Close Calls

No, there isn’t. However, fighters must be cleared to fight and be in peak physical condition. We noted before that Ron Van Clief had his first and only fight in the UFC at 51, but that just wouldn’t happen anymore. Nationality: American


Who was the oldest UFC fighter ever?

He’d go on to defend his title once against the aforementioned Dan Henderson, before losing it to another legend in Georges St-Pierre. By that time, his legacy was cemented, and was later inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Who is the oldest MMA fighter active?

Record: 15-6

Who is the oldest UFC fighter right now?

Weight Class: Middleweight, Light Heavyweight

What age do UFC fighters retire?

Record: 14-14

Is there an age limit for UFC fighters?

Weight Class: Heavyweight Weight Class: Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight

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