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The president of BKFC expresses appreciation for Conor McGregor’s support, resulting in the promotion now ranking as the second most popular combat sport.


Feldman stated that he knew Perry had a plan to call someone out if he won the main event on Saturday, which he did by defeating Luke Rockhold in the second round. However, Perry informed Feldman that he intended to call out Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, who was present at the event. Cerrone had previously defeated Perry by submission during their UFC fight in November 2018.Conor McGregor showcased his impressive abilities as a promoter during BKFC 41.Feldman shared that they had considered using the security services of the person in question for a few things. During their discussions, the person mentioned that Conor McGregor might be interested in attending their event. Feldman’s colleague, Dave Cranston, informed him that McGregor was interested, and they decided to invite him. However, they were unsure if he would actually attend until shortly before the event began. McGregor ultimately flew from Los Angeles to Broomfield and made a memorable appearance.Feldman stated that they do not provide compensation for attendance. This is not their approach, as they aim to develop the event organically. They have reached a new stage of growth and see each event as a potential turning point.David Feldman, the President of BKFC, was a guest on The MMA Hour on Monday and provided an explanation for how “The Notorious” ended up in the audience.We invested heavily in this occasion and took a significant risk. As the saying goes, we either go big or go home, and fortunately, we didn’t have to give up. We went all out, and I think it helped us climb a few ranks. I’m not boastful, but I believe we’ve secured the second position in combat sports at present.After the BKFC 41 main event in Broomfield, Colorado on Saturday, McGregor entered the ring when winner Mike Perry challenged him. The two had a lively but courteous faceoff, causing excitement among fans over the weekend. McGregor was still thinking about the encounter on Monday morning.The outcome was an unexpected stroke of luck that potentially elevated the BKFC to greater success.After the fight, a few members of my team spent time with him and he expressed his enthusiasm, stating that this was exactly what fighting should be like and that it was the most amazing thing he had witnessed in the sport.McGregor confronted Perry while carrying a BKFC championship belt on his shoulder, which he had borrowed from Lorenzo Hunt, a champion in two divisions.Feldman has not received any communication from the UFC expressing discontent over McGregor’s remarks or his presence at the event. He emphasizes that his team was pleased to facilitate McGregor’s visit to Colorado and transportation to the show, but there was no monetary motivation for McGregor to attend BKFC 41.It’s amazing that he showed up and accepted the challenge, even though it’s unlikely to happen again. He’s contracted with the UFC, but who knows what could happen. It was impressive that he was willing to fight Mike Perry and expressed his love for the sport. Putting on one of our BKFC belts was an incredible moment that people would pay a lot of money for, but it happened for free for us.According to Feldman, during his appearance in the ring, he made a statement that impressed him. He mentioned that he had not even fought for the promotion yet, but he already had their belt. Feldman expressed his excitement and acknowledged the hard work that they had put in to get to where they are now. Although they have not reached the top yet, he was proud that everyone in combat sports was talking about them.When Perry shifted his focus to McGregor, he made a prediction that was advantageous for Feldman and the BKFC, regardless of whether the fight actually happens.Images and footage of McGregor wearing BKFC gold while in the ring spread rapidly across the internet, bringing Feldman great satisfaction.Feldman expressed surprise and disbelief that McGregor would enter the ring, even if his opponent had called him out. He considered it an incredible moment for their organization and made it clear that they would not meddle with McGregor’s involvement with the UFC.

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