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Kayla Harrison responds to speculation about PFL acquiring Bellator and the possibility of facing Cyborg in a fight.


Harrison expressed uncertainty about the validity of what he saw on Instagram, as he is not well-informed about MMA news or current events in general. He admitted to having limited knowledge on the subject, possibly even less than the person he was speaking to.It is widely acknowledged that the most feasible option for a higher-weight class free agent is Cris Cyborg. It is likely that my next opponent will be Cyborg.

Challenges and setbacks are inevitable in life, such as unexpected troubles, noisy disturbances, illnesses, or mistakes. However, those who choose to appreciate the beauty and value of life will find it truly amazing. I am now one of those people.

When asked about her potential adversary, Kayla Harrison verified the name that she has been prioritizing for a long time.

Harrison expressed that his life is filled with beauty and hope. He believes in a positive future for himself and his children. He acknowledges that everyone has their own path to follow, but when one is ready to let go and surrender to the present moment, incredible things can happen.

Kayla Harrison shared her thoughts on the recent speculation that the Professional Fighters League might be acquiring Bellator, and how this could potentially impact her highly anticipated fight against Cris Cyborg, who is widely regarded as the greatest female MMA fighter of all time.Harrison shared that she believes her next opponent will be a well-known fighter, which is why she was not included in the current season. She feels that it would be more beneficial for her to face a high-profile opponent rather than participate in the season. Harrison is confident that her next fight will be against a formidable opponent, which is what she and her team are aiming for.

Kayla Harrison is prepared to accept whatever the future brings, even if she is uncertain about it.

Harrison replied that he did not have a specific strategy and advised to simply compete and strive for excellence.

After experiencing a defeat to Larissa Pacheco and facing various challenges in her personal life, Kayla Harrison has learned to appreciate the ups and downs of life. Although she is uncertain about what lies ahead, she trusts in her capacity to cope with any unexpected obstacles that come her way.

Harrison was excluded from the 2023 season, but she thinks that the PFL plans to fulfill their commitment of arranging a highly anticipated fight for her when she competes in the Smart Cage next.

During an exclusive interview with Mike Owens from MiddleEasy, Harrison was asked to share her opinion on the possible combination of PFL and Bellator.
Kayla Harrison, who will become a free agent by the end of 2023, has not yet made any plans for 2024, but her focus remains on solidifying her status as the world’s top fighter, having won two PFL championships.

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