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James Vick stated that in his debut in Karate Combat, it is a matter of survival where one must either defeat their opponent or be defeated.


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The head of FightBook MMA is Roberto Villa, who serves as the CEO, Founder, Executive Writer, and Senior Editor. He is deeply passionate about Combat Sports and hosts a podcast called Sitting Ringside. Additionally, he has experience as both an MMA fighter and a Kickboxer.

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I have observed his matches and he possesses athleticism and resilience. In Karate Combat, he has achieved two victories by knockout and suffered two defeats by knockout, indicating his ability to both end a fight and be defeated. I do not anticipate this match to be determined by judges.I believe that we both have a mindset of either winning or losing, and I am also interested in obtaining the additional funds. This experience will be thrilling, as we will not be taking any cautious measures.The initial attraction to karate training was ignited by the belief that the style would complement the individual’s natural counter-punching abilities. As a result, the individual began training and developed a deep passion for it.Viewers can tune in to watch the match live on traditional TV channels or through various online streaming services in more than 100 locations across the globe. To obtain information on how to access the broadcast in their respective areas, fans can visit Karate.com.He utilizes a lot of circular punches and possesses considerable strength in his fists. He’s a skilled athlete who has dedicated his life to practicing karate. Given the height disparity, I’m not overly concerned about his kicks, but I anticipate he’ll unleash a barrage of punches, so I need to be prepared for that.Upon agreeing to join Karate Combat:Karate is a passion of mine and I have great admiration for fighters like Stephen Thompson, also known as ‘Wonderboy’, and Lyoto Machida. Their fighting style involves minimizing the amount of damage they take, which I find impressive.Although it may seem unbelievable, observing the altercation at The Pit felt akin to witnessing a brawl on the streets due to its open nature and proximity. I found the experience to be exhilarating and am eagerly anticipating my own opportunity to compete there.He uses his left hand and I have a good track record against left-handed opponents. Although he poses a threat, I believe my skills and expertise will prevail. I am expected to win and I am confident in my abilities, but I am not underestimating him. I always take my opponents seriously.Regarding conflicts in The Pit:Upon my initial viewing of Karate Combat, I was thoroughly impressed and thought to myself, “Wow, this is incredible!” The experience of participating in this type of fighting is reminiscent of being in a Jean-Claude Van Damme film, such as Bloodsport. As a child, I adored these types of movies.To be honest, I’m really looking forward to The Pit. When I attended the Karate Combat event in June, I was absolutely amazed by the level of intensity in the atmosphere.Regarding his adversary Jorge Perez:The following are statements from a UFC fighter who is getting ready to compete against Jorge Perez, a Dominican fighter known for his knockout ability, at Karate Combat 36. The event will be held at Universal Studios Orlando on Saturday, October 29.The atmosphere was electrifying due to the location being a studio within Universal Studios. Despite its compact size, the building was bustling with individuals who were in close proximity to the action.

James Vick is of the opinion that adopting a mindset of mutual destruction with his opponent will result in a speedy conclusion during his upcoming Karate Combat debut.

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