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Eddie Alvarez anticipates that Conor McGregor will perform exceptionally in a possible BKFC crossover.


Alvarez commented that McGregor’s appearance at ringside already makes him a winner. Despite having defeated both Alvarez and himself, McGregor arrives with his whiskey, wealth, and doing well. Alvarez wishes success for everyone in the sport.After winning at BKFC 41, Alvarez believes that ‘The Notorious’ would excel in the tough world of bare-knuckle boxing.Alvarez discussed McGregor’s promising future in the BKFC arena and also mentioned that McGregor witnessed his bout with Chad ‘Money’ Mendes in real-time.

There’s no one better equipped to answer that question than Eddie Alvarez, who was thoroughly outboxed by McGregor in their UFC 205 fight.
Alvarez expressed admiration for Conor’s boxing skills during an interview on The MMA Hour. He described Conor as having an unusual range and long reach for his height, and praised his team’s intelligence and ability to learn quickly. Alvarez believes Conor would perform well in the sport.

The topic of discussion among many is the recent face-off between the UFC superstar and ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry at BKFC 41. The main question being raised is whether McGregor will ever participate in a BKFC fight against Perry, but an even more significant question is how well he would perform within the ring.

The clinch in this sport is quite unique. It’s a rough and tumble situation where the more polished boxer doesn’t necessarily come out on top. Even championship boxers have been overpowered and defeated in the clinch, resulting in knockouts or knockdowns. Therefore, victory doesn’t always go to the technically superior boxer, but I believe he would still perform well.
Leading a challenging life and earning a living is no easy feat. However, if someone has achieved success for themselves, their loved ones, and their field, I fully support them. I hold no ill will towards any of my competitors, as we are all navigating this unpredictable journey called life. If you can accomplish what he has, I applaud you.

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