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During the UFC Fight Night, Song defeats Simon with a knockout.


In the main event at UFC Fight Night 223 in Las Vegas on Saturday, Yadong Song’s powerful striking rendered Ricky Simon’s wrestling ineffective, resulting in a technical knockout in the fifth round.Articles on the internet that are related to the topic.Reworded: Articles available on your website.

In the initial round, Song was testing the waters but in the second round, he unleashed his powerful moves. Simon did manage to take him down a few times, but Song’s strength became evident as he landed some impactful left hooks and leg kicks. Even when Song’s punches missed, it was clear that he was putting all his might into every strike, hoping to land a knockout blow.Simon’s punches lacked power and he struggled to secure takedowns in the fourth round. Despite multiple attempts, Song defended them all and landed a devastating left hook at the end of the round. In the fifth, Song knocked Simon down again with a powerful hook, leaving him severely injured. Despite Simon’s attempts to escape, Song relentlessly attacked him until the referee stopped the fight.

Song KOs Simon at UFC Fight Night

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