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The cauliflower ear of José Peñaloza became severely damaged during a video of his fight at UWC 43, resulting in the fight being stopped.


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Following a bout of extreme aggression, a disturbing sight unfolded at UWC 43 when Dorian Ramos inflicted significant damage on José Peñaloza’s cauliflower ear, causing it to become severely swollen and on the verge of rupturing.Following a difficult and disappointing loss, the up-and-coming Hispanic MMA fighter Peñaloza now has a record of 3-2 in his professional career. It’s important to note that his sole other defeat was against Raul Rosas Jr, a promising 18-year-old fighter who recently experienced his first loss at UFC 287.After careful consideration, the referee ultimately chose to allow the match to proceed, and the competition for the UWC featherweight title resumed.

Dorian Ramos causes José Peñaloza’s cauliflower ear to burst during UWC 43.

In the second round, Peñaloza’s ear couldn’t take it anymore. Dorian Ramos mounted Peñaloza and unleashed a relentless barrage of punches, hammer fists, and elbows on him.Having only lost once in his career, Dorian Ramos currently holds a record of 6-1. His sole defeat came from a match against Andrew Coyne at Uriah Faber’s A1 Combat 2 in May 2022. As the current UWC featherweight champion, Ramos has a promising future ahead of him. With three consecutive wins under his belt, the Arizona native undoubtedly aims to elevate his career to new heights and dreams of making it big in the UFC, the most prestigious MMA platform in the world.

The UWC featherweight championship was up for grabs, and both contenders were determined to claim victory. Despite both fighters having their fair share of successes during the match, José Peñaloza’s ear was in such bad shape that the referee had to inspect it and evaluate the severity of the injury.What was your reaction to José Peñaloza’s cauliflower ear bursting during UWC 43?Peñaloza’s ear suffered severe damage, as evidenced by a graphic video showing it bursting and blood spraying onto the canvas and the fighters. The referee made a wise decision to halt the fight, and Dorian Ramos was declared the UWC featherweight champion.

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