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James Vick experiences surprise during Karate Combat 36 weigh-ins.


To access the complete list of fighters and their weigh-in details for Karate Combat 36, please visit the official website at Karate.com.

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In tomorrow night’s main event, Bruno ‘The Tiger’ Souza, who has been trained by Lyoto Machida, will attempt to accelerate his path towards a title fight by taking on former champion Edgars ‘The Bearslayer’ Skrivers.”I believe that I possess a higher level of technical expertise compared to my opponent, which may give me an advantage in our upcoming fight. I have several strategies to secure a victory, while he only has one. Based on my skills, I am confident that I will emerge as the dominant fighter and may even end the match early with a win.”In Orlando, Florida, all the fighters participating in Karate Combat 36 successfully met their weight requirements during the official pre-fight weigh-ins held at Universal Studios.The two fighters view their upcoming match as a means to earn a title shot, but Skrivers has cautioned Souza, who has experience in the UFC and was once the LFA champion, that he will not be an easy opponent.James Vick, a UFC veteran with 14 fights under his belt, made his debut in Karate Combat today. He will be facing Jorge Perez, a powerful welterweight who has already secured two KO wins in Karate Combat and is eager to add a third to his record.Vick was surprised by Perez’s appearance and described him as having a strong and forceful personality.Souza stated that while he acknowledges his opponent’s skill as a top fighter, he will not allow himself to be used as a means for his opponent to advance in the sport. He intends to prove this by defeating his opponent decisively in their upcoming fight. After this, his goal is to reclaim his title.The 36th edition of Karate Combat will be broadcasted live in more than 120 countries through linear TV and streaming services such as DAZN, Globo Brazil, and Eurosport.Roberto Villa is the Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Senior Editor, and Executive Writer of FightBook MMA. He has a strong interest in Combat Sports and is the host of the Sitting Ringside podcast. Additionally, he has experience as a former MMA fighter and Kickboxer.Perez, who is significantly shorter than the 6’4 Vick, drew inspiration from history as he prepared for battle. He showed up to the weigh-in dressed in traditional warrior clothing and carrying a slingshot, reminiscent of the biblical story of David and Goliath.

After experiencing his initial defeat in Karate Combat, Skrivers is eager to have a rematch for the title with Rocha, who hails from the same country as Souza.

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