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Arnold Allen expressed that there was no satisfaction in his fight against Max Holloway, as he lost his winning streak, missed out on a title shot, and only received half of his pay.


Despite the situation, Allen is not dwelling on the past and he has faith in the judges’ decision.Allen stated that he could have potentially won the fourth round, but upon reviewing it, he realized it was a closer match than he initially thought. While he believed his opponent won, he disagreed with the scorecards. Allen believed that if he had landed a few more shots, executed a takedown, or applied more pressure in the fourth and fifth rounds, he may have been able to secure the victory.During The MMA Hour, Allen expressed that the experience wasn’t as terrible as he had anticipated. Despite this, he didn’t feel like a winner during or after the match. Although many individuals have commended him for pushing Max’s pace during the five rounds, Allen doesn’t feel proud of himself. He holds himself to a higher standard and expects more from himself.Allen anticipated that he would be fighting defensively all night against Holloway’s renowned aggressive striking and constant forward movement. However, to his surprise, the roles were reversed for most of the fight.Allen recounted that upon reviewing the footage, he was caught on camera saying “f***”. He clarified that it wasn’t because he thought he had lost the decision, but rather because he knew he could have performed better and felt disappointed in himself.Although Holloway has maintained an undefeated streak in non-title fights for almost ten years, only losing a few rounds, Allen does not believe he should receive significant recognition for taking the former featherweight champion to a narrow decision.Allen expressed his disappointment by stating that he only received half of his pay, lost his winning streak, and missed the opportunity to compete for a title, resulting in no sense of accomplishment.Although Allen did not directly address White’s criticism, he did admit to the errors he made during the championship rounds. He recognized that if he had been a bit more aggressive, he may have been able to secure the win.His disappointment stems from not having done enough to emerge victorious, which is a harsh reality of combat sports. Consequently, Allen will need to put in twice the effort if he intends to secure another opportunity to face Holloway in the future.Allen doesn’t see the value in receiving a participation trophy for enduring five rounds with Holloway since he ultimately lost the fight.During the 25-minute fight with Holloway, the 29-year-old British featherweight anticipated losing on the scorecards and taking full responsibility for the outcome. However, upon reviewing the fight, Allen realized that he was closer to winning than he had initially thought. Despite this realization, he still believes that Holloway rightfully earned the victory that night.I was surprised that he didn’t apply more pressure during the game. Instead, the game plan was for me to counter his forward movements and be the one chasing him. It was a well-executed strategy by their team. I’m not sure if there are any takeaways or improvements to be made from this experience.He is undoubtedly one of the greatest guys in the division, if not the greatest of all time. He will surely be inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, this does not bring me any comfort as I hold myself to a higher standard. It’s even more frustrating because I am aware that I could have performed better and should have done so.Although Allen was grateful for the encouraging remarks from his fans, his defeat in the octagon did not boost his self-esteem.The entire camp relied on someone stepping forward under pressure, but when the first exchange occurred, the person backed out and stopped moving. Allen clarified that this was unexpected and not in line with their preparations.Arnold Allen admits that there was no dispute in his defeat to Max Holloway at UFC Kansas City as he was already aware of the result before it was announced.Although it was disheartening to suffer a defeat at UFC Kansas City, which could have led to a title opportunity, Allen is prepared to progress with his profession and demonstrate that his defeat to Holloway was merely an off day.Allen expressed a positive outlook, acknowledging that he has the potential to perform even better. He recognized his opponent’s strength in enduring five rounds and shared that he had no trouble with it. However, he believes that he could have prepared more effectively and improved his fitness level. Although he takes full responsibility for his performance, he acknowledges that there is room for improvement.”He expressed optimism for the future, stating that there may be another opportunity to engage in combat. Max was regarded as a respectable individual and a renowned figure.”Regarding the actual fight, Allen acknowledges that he had some successful moments, but he also gives credit to Holloway and his coaches for catching him off guard with an unexpected approach.Following the fight, Dana White, the president of UFC, criticized Allen’s coaches for not instilling a stronger sense of urgency in him during the later rounds. This was particularly concerning given that Allen had performed exceptionally well in the final five minutes of the bout.

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