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GLORY 84 Weigh-In Results


Main Event
Lightweight Championship
Tyjani Beztati and ‘Petch’ both weighed in at 69.5 kg/153.2 lb and 69.3 kg/152.7 lb, respectively.

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Tomorrow night, March 11, GLORY 84 can be watched live at 8pm CET/2pm ET on Videoland in the Netherlands, as well as globally on GLORYFights.com and through various broadcast partners worldwide. The official GLORY Facebook page and YouTube channel will also stream the free prelims live starting at 7pm CET/1pm ET.Light Heavyweight
Felipe Micheletti and Nordine Mahieddine are set to compete, with Micheletti weighing in at 94.9 kg (209.2 lb) and Mahieddine at 94.8 kg (209 lb).Co-Main Event
Light Heavyweight
Tarik Khbabez weighing 94.3 kg/207.9 lb will be fighting against Daniel Toledo who weighs 95 kg/209 lb.GLORY 84 Weigh-In ResultsJay Overmeer and Jamie Bates will face off in a welterweight bout, while Nordine Mahieddine will move down to light heavyweight to fight Felipe Micheletti. Ertugrul Bayrak will fight Michael Boapeah and Nabil Khachab will take on Sofian Laïdouni, who is making his debut in France.Heavyweight
Nabil Khachab, weighing 131.2 kilograms or 289.2 pounds, will face off against Sofian Laïdouni, who weighs 104 kilograms or 229.2 pounds.Middleweight
Ertuğrul Bayrak and Michael Boapeah have weights of 84.9 kg (187 lb) and 83.9 kg (185 lb), respectively.The headline fight of the event will showcase a showdown between two GLORY champions, with featherweight champion Petchpanomrung ‘Petch’ Kiatmookao (168-38-3, 27 KO) moving up to lightweight to take on Tyjani Beztati (23-4, 8 KO) for the GLORY lightweight championship.Heavyweight
David Tuitupou, who weighs 171 kg or 377 lb, will be facing off against Strahinja Mitric, who weighs 119 kg or 262.4 lb.Welterweight
Chico Kwasi and Stefan Orza have weights of 76.9 kg/169.5 lb and 76.5 kg/168.6 lb, respectively.Welterweight
Jay Overmeer and Jamie Bates both weighed in at 76.7 kg/169 lb and 76.9 kg/169.5 lb, respectively.The upcoming occasion will feature a light heavyweight match between ex-champion contender Tarik Khbabez (with a record of 47 wins, 10 losses, and 1 draw, with 26 knockouts) and Spanish fighter Daniel Toledo (with a record of 17 wins, 5 losses, and 8 knockouts), who agreed to participate in this fight on short notice.During the preliminary fights of GLORY 84, Stefan Orza, an unbeaten Romanian boxer with a record of 18-0 and 8 knockouts, makes his debut in the promotion by facing Chico Kwasi, a promising Dutch fighter with a record of 36-4 and 24 knockouts. Additionally, the event features a match between two massive heavyweight boxers, David Tuitupou (9-0, 4 KO) and Strahinja Mitric (20-1, 13 KO), who will compete in the first fight of the night.

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