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What are The Best Nike Boxing Shoes


Do you love boxing but also many other sports too? If so, it may be out of your budget to buy a different pair of specialty shoes for each sport. These Nike lace-ups are a great solution for those looking for a multi-sport shoe. They may look like stylish everyday shoes, but they are designed for workouts, training, and competitions. These shoes provide an excellent grip and really latch onto your feet. They may feel tight, so it is recommended to get a slightly bigger size.

The movement of the foot causes the foam to react with every step, and it will immediately return to its original position. Apart from being light, it is also bouncy, which assists in returning energy to the runner, giving an extra boost.

10 Best Nike Boxing Shoes

The shoe has a cushioned midsole for comfort and support during sparring or fights, along with a padded collar. It’s the perfect combination of old-school style and modern functionality.

1. Best Overall – Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII

Nike Men's Speedsweep VII

These Rn shoes are lightweight, flexible, and suitable for short sprints and long runs. They also have great foot security, allowing you to easily move around the canvas. It makes them suitable for all boxing activities. We couldn’t find any complaints about sizing, so they are sure to fit your feet perfectly. They also feature a high-ankle design that will offer you plenty of support and helps to prevent any ankle sprains. For those looking for a low top shoe that is ideal for boxing, these would be the perfect choice. The upper is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive fit, and it comes with a strap located on top of the laces. This hook-and-loop strap helps lock the foot in place and provides additional support and stability.

2. Best Low Top Boxing Shoes – Nike Mens Free Rn 2018

Nike Mens Free Rn 2018

This vintage basketball shoe will take you back to the 70s and 80s. It’s another perfect option for those wanting to look great in the ring. Let’s step away from the ring for a moment. It’s a great idea to have separate shoes for your cardio work and your boxing-specific training. If you want to go that way, then these shoes will be perfect for cardio. Overall, the Nike Lunar Magista is a quality athletic shoe that combines both performance and a fashionable style. You know that you’ll be getting that high level of quality as always from a Nike shoe to be at your best during any sporting activity. With their comfortable fit and secure grip, these shoes are an affordable option for serious boxers and other athletes. They don’t have as many color options as other Nike shoes, but they all look great. The main purpose of these shoes is to give the boxer full control in terms of speed, agility, technique, and maneuverability.  

3. Best Mid-Top Boxing Shoes – Nike Mens Inflict 3

Nike Mens Inflict 3

The shoes have a lace-up closure system, which allows for a customized and secure fit. The nubuck upper is durable and provides a sleek, stylish look. While the material used is of excellent quality and is resistant to wear and tear. The sole is made of synthetic rubber, which is tough and durable. The only real complaint about these shoes is that they have quite a narrow fit, so they may not be ideal for those with wider feet.   These are the best professional boxing shoes we found. Even though they are advertised as wrestling shoes, both sports have the same demands on their footwear. If you want to move around the ring with supreme footwork, then these shoes will help you do just that. The TPU plate, which is made to provide a stable and supportive base, is one of the most noticeable parts of the shoe. The plate is made with a firmer density on the outside and a softer density on the inside, which helps to provide perfect balance.

Nike Men's Footbal Shoes

There is no doubt that Nike is one of the biggest brands in the world. They have become so well-known due to their quality sportswear, with boxing being no exception. They are most infamous for their footwear, so it’s no surprise they have made many great boxing shoes. This shoe comes with laces and a strap, which means you can easily tuck away any distracting shoelaces. There is even a loop inside the strap that you can put your laces through. These shoes come in almost every color you can think of, so you can easily get something that suits your style. But the colors are not what make them an essential buy. The materials used here are of the highest quality and their design is very impressive. In terms of wearability, these shoes are very lightweight, especially for their size. You won’t have to worry about dragging your feet, and you can move and react quickly around the rind. Easily be able to step away from punches and step in with a counter.

5. Best Vintage – Nike Men’s Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Basketball Shoe

While probably not ideal for fighting, these are great boxing training shoes that will allow you to train hard and prepare properly. For those wanting a great shoe for boxing workouts, you can’t go wrong here. Without further delay, let’s look at the 10 best Nike boxing shoes available right now! This shoe is a high-quality athletic shoe that is designed for performance and style. If you want to wear these shoes in the boxing ring, then you’ll need to have the skills to back it up, as they are sure to grab the attention. Compared to many other boxing shoes on the market, the Nike Inflict’s offer an elite level of comfort. They also come in a range of sizes, so you can easily find one that fits you perfectly. This includes having both narrow and wide versions.

6. Best for Cardio – Nike Men’s Trail Running Shoes

Nike Men's Trail Running Shoes

Available in stunning black and silver colors, the Speedsweep gets our top overall pick as the best quality boxing shoes. For those looking for a little added strength and security, you’ll love these Romaleos shoes. They are fairly expensive when compared to other options, but that’s partly due to them having an elite level of quality. The upper is made of a breathable mesh material which is both comfortable and flexible. There is also a forefoot strap, as well as a gum rubber outsole. These three elements work together to deliver an unbeatable combination of comfort, support, and traction in the ring. In addition, the shoes also provide excellent cushioning and support, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a comfortable fit, regardless of how long you wear them.

7. Best Unisex – Nike Unisex’s Romaleos 3 Xd

Nike Unisex's Romaleos 3 Xd

The Nike boxing shoes come in a variety of colors. It includes basic color options, such as classic black and white, as well as bold colors, like red, blue, and green. There’s nothing not to love about these gorgeous shoes. There’s no doubt that all of these shoes have the incredible quality that we’ve come to expect from Nike. The best shoes for you will depend on what specific features are most important to you along with other considerations, such as style. Are you the type of person that has often struggled with ankle issues? If so, you need to find a boxing shoe that offers you excellent ankle support, and that’s exactly what you get right here. There is plenty of padding around the ankle, and the unique lace design is going to lock your foot into place. These are designed to give you as much stability and support as possible, making them ideal for anyone who struggles with standard footwear. The title of these shoes says ‘Footbal,’ but that’s just an error. These are high-quality shoes that are ideal for any sport that requires dynamic foot movement on a canvas or court. Added to that, they look awesome too. If we had to just choose one model, it would be the Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII. They have all the qualities you’d want from a boxing shoe. But if the Speedsweep VII doesn’t appeal to you, I’m sure one of these other boxing shoes will!

8. Best for Ankle Support – Nike Men’s Fury

Nike Men's Fury

They come at a great price, and are very comfortable to wear. Added to that, they are also stylish, with four different color options available. It means that these can also be great everyday wear shoes as well. Taking everything into account, the Nike Romaleos are a great choice for serious boxers who struggle finding shoes that give them adequate support. These shoes could be used for a wide variety of different sports, in part due to their Lunalon foam cushioning. This gives you exceptional comfort and support, and allows you to wear them for many hours on end. The outsole of the shoes is made of rubber, which has great traction, meaning these shoes can easily be used for sparring. Overall, these are a great option for anyone looking for shoes that can do it all!

9. Best for Training – Nike Men’s Lunar Magista II FK FC

Nike Men's Lunar Magista II FK FC

Here we look at their best boxing shoes, including the best options in different categories so you can find exactly what you need. Table of Contents Even though they have a tight hold, the shoes are comfortable to wear. Flexible and long-lasting, the uppers are made of breathable mesh and split suede. Cushioning is provided with die-cut EVA sock liners. The gum rubber outsole allows you to step into your punches with confidence. In terms of look, they are available in a wide range of colors, but the black ones stand out among the rest. These Air Jordan’s are ideal for anyone that wants a perfect combination of style and quality. You’ll be able to show off your beautiful shoes along with your dazzling footwork. They are very light, and the insole has a soft cushion, which makes them very easy to wear. The material used for the inside padding is called “Nike React Foam.” It is light, durable, ultra-soft, and incredibly elastic.

10. Best Multi Sport – Nike Men’s Lace-up

Nike Men's Lace-up

It maintains its retro style but brings in modern features, designs, and looks. The toe area is made of suede or leather, depending on the colorway, and has a retro Nike logo on the side. There is no doubt that these shoes will turn heads. Overall, these Inflict shoes are comfortable to wear and provide a decent grip. We mentioned that the previous shoes may not be the best for fights, but these shoes would be perfect in the ring. You’ll get all the grip and support you need. They also provide excellent grip, even though you can just slip them on and off. The stretchy material means that the laces are mostly for show, but they still provide a secure fit when you’re running. The outsole is a mixture of rubber pods and foam. This helps to make the shoe extremely light, and you can pick your feet up with no problem at all, even when you’re exhausted. That being said, these probably aren’t the best shoes to be used during fights. The reason for that is they don’t offer the same level of lateral support as other boxing shoes on this list. That being said, if you have supple ankles and want to maximize your feet movement, they may be ideal fighting shoes for you.

Final Thoughts

The shoes also have a flexible forefoot, which lets the foot move naturally, and the upper is made of breathable mesh, which helps keep the foot cool and dry during hard workouts. Anyone wearing these can feel comfortable and enjoy a good level of grip. These shoes are made using premium synthetic leather, which provides plenty of durability for those looking for a long-lasting boxing shoe.

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