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The official weigh-in results for GLORY 85 have been released, including the title fight and heavyweight tournament.


The total weight of the four participants in the heavyweight tournament was an impressive 472.9 kg/1,042 lb. These participants include Murat Aygün from Turkey, Enver Sljivar from Bosnia, Jahfarr Wilnis from the Netherlands, and Tariq ‘Cookie’ Osaro from Nigeria. They will be competing for an opportunity to fight Antonio Plazibat for the interim-GLORY heavyweight title in the upcoming summer and also for a chance to secure a spot in the history GLORY Heavyweight Grand Prix in December.

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In Rotterdam, Netherlands, all the fighters for GLORY 85 event at Rotterdam Ahoy arena on April 29th, successfully met the weight requirements during the weigh-in on Friday morning.During the press conference, it was revealed that Serkan Ozcaglayan, who holds the top spot in the middleweight rankings with a record of 45-7 and 36 knockouts, will be challenging Donovan Wisse, the current middleweight champion with a record of 18-1 and 10 knockouts. The two fighters will face off at GLORY Collision 5 on June 17 at the Rotterdam Ahoy, and tickets for the event will be available for purchase starting on May 3.Light Heavyweight
Michael Duut and Mohamed Amine both weigh in at 94.8 kg/208.9 lb and 94.4 kg/208.1 lb, respectively.GLORY 85 Weigh-In ResultsThe welterweight title bout for GLORY has been confirmed with Endy Semeleer (33-1, 17 KO) as the champion and Murthel Groenhart (69-25-3, 40 KO) as the challenger, both weighing in at championship weight. Semeleer seeks to solidify his position as the top welterweight while Groenhart hopes to make a successful comeback to kickboxing and regain the title.On another part of the card, experienced fighter Michael Duut (44-13, 21 KO) will face off against Mohamed Amine (28-4, 16 KO), while up-and-coming prospects Berjan Peposhi (27-2, 16 KO) and Jan Kaffa (18-3, 7 KO) will compete against each other.GLORY Welterweight Championship
Endy Semeleer and Murthel Groenhart both weigh in at 76.8 kg/169.3 lb and 76.9 kg/169.5 lb, respectively.Heavyweight
Fabio Kwasi and Nikola Filipovic are two individuals with weights of 109.8 kg/242 lb and 111.7 kg/246.3 lb, respectively.Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final 2
Murat Aygün and Enver Sljivar are two individuals who weigh 114.3 kg (252 lb) and 113.7 kg (250.6 lb), respectively.The only way to watch GLORY 85 in the Netherlands is through Videoland. For complete details on how to view it, please visit this link.Middleweight
Maksymilian Bratkowicz (weighing 83.8 kg or 183.6 lb) will be facing Brice Kombou (weighing 83.9 kg or 185 lb).FightBook MMA’s CEO, Founder, Executive Writer, and Senior Editor is Roberto Villa. He has a strong interest in Combat Sports and is a podcast host for Sitting Ringside. Additionally, he has experience as a Kickboxer and former MMA fighter.Featherweight
Berjan Peposhi and Jan Kaffa are two individuals with weights of 64.9 kg/143 lb and 65 kg/143.3 lb, respectively.During the preliminary rounds of a free YouTube event, two heavyweight boxers, Fabio Kwasi and Nikola Filipovic, will have a match as an alternate for the heavyweight tournament. Additionally, Maksymilian Bratkowicz will face Brice Kombou for the third time to resolve their previous matches.

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final 1
Jahfarr Wilnis and Tariq ‘Cookie’ Osaro are two fighters who weigh 121.2 kg/267.2 lb and 123.7 kg/272.7 lb respectively.

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