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The lineup for the GLORY 85 Four-Man Heavyweight Tournament has been unveiled.


Antonio Plazibat unexpectedly appeared at the press conference where the four fighters were present. He approached the stage and engaged in a heated exchange with the athletes, expressing his eagerness to compete against the eventual victor.

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Today, during a press conference held in Amsterdam, the four contenders for the GLORY 85 heavyweight tournament were revealed.The head of FightBook MMA is Roberto Villa, who serves as CEO, Founder, Executive Writer, and Senior Editor. Roberto has a deep interest in Combat Sports and also hosts a podcast called Sitting Ringside. Additionally, he has experience as a Kickboxer and former MMA fighter.The upcoming GLORY 85 event is scheduled for April 29 in the Netherlands, with details regarding the location and venue set to be revealed in the coming week.The GLORY 85 event will feature a 4-Man Heavyweight Tournament.
Luis Tavares and Enver Sljivar are scheduled to compete in a boxing match. Tavares has a record of 63 wins and 8 losses, with 21 knockouts, while Sljivar has a record of 40 wins and 6 losses, with 23 knockouts.
The upcoming boxing match will feature Tariq ‘Cookie’ Osaro with a record of 21 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw, and Nordine Mahieddine with a record of 27 wins, 14 losses, and 12 knockouts.
The GLORY 85 event can be viewed live on April 29th through Videoland in the Netherlands, as well as on GLORYFights.com and other broadcast partners worldwide.Moreover, the champion of the GLORY 85 heavyweight competition will receive a highly sought-after position in the momentous 8-Man GLORY Heavyweight Grand Prix taking place in December. The victor of this event will earn a prize of 0,000.

Luis Tavares from the Netherlands, Enver Sljivar from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Tariq Osaro from Nigeria, and Nordine Mahieddine from France will compete in a four-man tournament. The winner will have the chance to challenge Antonio Plazibat for the interim-GLORY heavyweight championship in the summer.

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