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Jorge Masvidal suggests that Nate Diaz should consider hiring a high-profile attorney for his legal case regarding the New Orleans street fight.


  • Jorge Masvidal recommended that Nate Diaz contact his attorney regarding his legal situation related to the street fight in New Orleans.
  • “Gamebred” believes that Diaz was merely protecting himself from a possible danger during the altercation.
  • The UFC’s “Baddest Mother F***er” gave his opinion on the upcoming boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz.
  • Fully cognizant of the delicacy of the matter, Masvidal refrained from elaborating on the Diaz altercation. Nonetheless, “Gamebred” implied that it appeared to be an act of self-protection on the part of his BMF adversary.

    Jorge is willing to share his legal representative with a previous adversary.

    Masvidal observed that a man approached Nate and he believed it was an act of aggression that required respect. He thought it appeared to be an act of self-defense, but he only saw a poor angle of the video and didn’t want to comment too much. Masvidal emphasized the importance of respecting personal space and not violating it, even if someone is a skilled fighter. He personally gives everyone their space and avoids invading it, even if he needs to ask for directions or something similar. Invading personal space can be dangerous and unpredictable.

    During a recent interview, Masvidal suggested that Diaz seek the assistance of well-known celebrity attorney Brad Cohan, as Diaz is currently dealing with legal issues related to a physical altercation in New Orleans where he allegedly choked someone who resembled Logan Paul.

    Respect personal space

    Masvidal believes that Jake’s youth gives him an advantage over Nate, who is older. However, if Nate is in his prime, Masvidal thinks he would beat Jake. Nate has not been training seriously for a while, so Masvidal is unsure of his current fitness level. Despite this, Masvidal thinks Nate will win because he has a tough mentality and will break Jake down. Jake is naturally bigger and has been competing more frequently, but Masvidal still thinks Nate will come out on top.

    All statements sourced from MMA Junkie quotes.

    Jake will be set on fire by Prime Nate.

    Regarding the upcoming boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, Masvidal thinks that according to the data, Paul has the advantage. Nevertheless, he anticipates that Diaz will ultimately come out on top.

    Masvidal offered to connect Nate Diaz with a highly skilled lawyer named Brad Cohan, who is interested in representing him. He encouraged Diaz to have his team reach out to Cohan, who he believes can take good care of him. Masvidal does not personally communicate with Diaz, but suggested that MMA Junkie could pass along the message.

    According to reports, Diaz surrendered to the New Orleans Police Department and was released on bail for ,000. He is scheduled to compete against Paul in a boxing match on August 5th.Jorge Masvidal has spoken highly of his lawyer’s assistance in his legal case related to a street fight in Miami with Colby Covington. He now hopes that Nate Diaz can also receive similar benefits from the lawyer’s services.

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