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Jorge Masvidal discusses the possibility of coming out of retirement, stating that he feels compelled to do so.


[embedded content]Jorge Masvidal has consistently expressed his desire to retire if he is unable to compete for a UFC championship. Despite only losing to top-tier 170-pound fighters in the UFC, he has observed some declines in his abilities. In the interview, Masvidal explains the reasons behind his decision to retire.

Masvidal’s most recent victory occurred in November 2019 when he defeated Nate Diaz. However, he has since suffered losses to Kamaru Usman twice, Colby Covington, and Burns. Despite consistently competing at a high level, the 38-year-old does not think he has the ability to win a UFC championship.

My adoration for this sport runs deep. Even after retiring, I couldn’t help but cry for days because of how much it means to me. I’ve been devoted to it since I was eleven or twelve years old, and it holds a special place in my heart. The love and passion I have for it are undeniable, which is why I can’t say for certain that I’ll never return to it.

Jorge Masvidal is not ruling out the possibility of returning to MMA in the future.It remains to be seen whether the ex-UFC title contender will reverse his retirement and return to the ring.

Jorge Masvidal explains the factors that led him to decide on retirement.

My desire to return to fighting is strong in every aspect of my being, but I am hesitant to become a mere stepping stone without a clear purpose. Although I still possess quick reflexes and can anticipate my opponent’s moves, there is a slight delay in my reaction time.

Masvidal shared his thoughts on potentially coming out of retirement in an interview with Marc Raimondi from ESPN MMA.

Masvidal went on to state:

View the conversation between Jorge Masvidal and Marc Raimondi in the video provided.

To be truthful, I still possess speed, explosiveness, and endurance. Additionally, my knowledge of the sport has significantly increased since I first started. However, as one ages, certain aspects tend to slow down. Specifically, between the ages of 34 to 37, I noticed a significant decline in my reflexes and reaction time. This decline is solely limited to that department and is not at the level it used to be even when I was 35.Whether or not he returns to fighting, Masvidal will remain a prominent figure in the world of combat sports. He has proven to be an exceptional promoter, organizing numerous noteworthy events such as Gamebred Fighting Championship 4. This upcoming event, featuring Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson as the headliner, is generating a lot of buzz and anticipation.

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