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Chael Sonnen jests at Andrew Tate over allegations of TRT use: ‘That’s the body of someone who indulges in donuts.’


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Do you want to know about Andrew Tate’s body? Let me describe it to you. He probably has a lengthy morning routine that involves drinking water, with a maximum of juice and a minimum of coffee. Later in the day, he will eat a meal, and before bed, he will likely indulge in something tasty, like a donut. He works out for around 45 minutes, about five times a week, at a moderate pace. It’s unclear whether his physique is achieved through clean methods or not.Chael Sonnen has expressed doubt regarding the accusation that Andrew Tate used performance-enhancing drugs to attain his toned body, despite the latter’s controversial presence on social media.Sonnen remarked that the individual’s physique looked impressive when he was shirtless.Chael Sonnen, a former three-time UFC title challenger with knowledge of banned substances, commented on Derek’s discoveries.

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Chael Sonnen doubts that Andrew Tate’s body is indicative of someone using TRT.

Derek shared that he has been a long-time follower of Andrew Tate and believes that he is not using any performance-enhancing substances. However, Derek feels that Andrew’s recent posts have had the opposite effect of supporting his claims. Instead, they suggest that Andrew’s physique is comparable to someone who is using a moderate dose of testosterone replacement therapy.Andrew Tate and three other people, including his brother Tristan Tate, were detained in Romania in December on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and organizing a criminal group. They were held for over three months before being released on house arrest while the investigation continues.The popular internet figure known for his misogynistic views shared the results of his recent blood work to prove that he was not using any substances prohibited in combat sports, such as TRT. Seeking confirmation, he consulted with Derek, a Canadian bodybuilder and expert on performance-enhancing substances and healthy living, who provided a 20-minute explanation of his findings in a video available for viewing.In summary, Derek discovered that Andrew Tate’s test outcomes indicated he was using TRT at a moderate level.During the most recent installment of Beyond the Fight on YouTube, Sonnen insinuated that based on his personal expertise, he is convinced that Andrew Tate has not used any performance-enhancing substances. However, Sonnen couldn’t resist taking a jab at the former two-division ISKA world champion while making his statement.Sonnen mentioned that he had seen Andrew’s response, in which Andrew expressed gratitude towards Derek for talking about him and acknowledged that he was not an expert in the field. Andrew also stated that he knew he had never taken anything. Sonnen agreed with Andrew’s statement and added that he did not believe Derek’s accusation based on Andrew’s physique, which he described as that of someone who occasionally indulges in donuts and has a slow metabolism in the morning.

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