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A French individual on the forefront of Glory Kickboxing.


He showed a cross counter variation that he likes to use against his opponents. This technique allows him to catch his opponent’s jab and throw a standard cross that slides right over their attack.

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Glory’s rules generate the most exciting form of combat, non-stop can’t-blink action. The fights are scored by 10 points must system, and fighters can win a match via decision (split, majority, unanimous), knockout or by scoring 3 knockdowns in a round.Aside from being one of the most dangerous fighters in the heavyweight division, he has also thrown down with some of the sport’s biggest names. Badr Hari, Jamal Ben Saddik and Gokhan Saki to name a few. He’s also been vocal in calling out the reigning GLORY Heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven, a man who has dominated his division for years.Glory is a global kickboxing promotion that hosts events around the world. They have seven weight divisions and feature the best fighters in the world.His most recent win came when he defeated defending welterweight champion Joachim Holzken at GLORY 42 in December. Doumbe was able to take advantage of his opponent’s tendency to hold up when he started to get going and used that as his opportunity to strike.

The GLORY Grand Slam is the biggest tournament in kickboxing and has been held since 2012. It has a unique format whereby the world’s top sixteen fighters compete over one night in a knockout tournament to decide the world champion.

Two months after his victory at Glory 83 last February, the Frenchman Guerric Billet (16v-4d-1n) returns to the ring on Saturday, May 27, and will face the German Enriko Kehl during Glory 86.Roberto Villa is the CEO, Founder, Executive Writer, Senior Editor of FightBook MMA. Has a passion for Combat Sports and also a podcast host for Sitting Ringside. He’s also a former MMA fighter and Kickboxer.

Cedric Doumbe

After the collapse of K-1, Bonjasky decided to focus on coaching full-time. But when the newly formed GLORY emergence as the premier league of international fighting prompted elite fighters like Semmy Schilt and Peter Aerts to join the organisation, Bonjasky decided to return to the ring.A Frenchman at the forefront of the GLORY KICKBOXING scene, Antonio Plazibat is a rising star in the heavyweight division. A veteran of both the 2014 FFC Futures Light Heavyweight tournament and the 2017 K-1 WGP Heavyweight World Grand Prix, he is a powerful puncher who has won seven of his eight Glory fights via knockout.GLORY Kickboxing is back in Germany with the upcoming GLORY 86 event, which will be held live at the Grugahalle in Essen on May 27th.GLORY KICKBOXING is the world leader in modern kickboxing and home to the most talented strikers. Owned by businessman Pierre Andurand, Glory consists of 7 weight classes and holds most of its events in the US and Netherlands.

Daniel Sam

He was a three-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion. He retired from professional kickboxing in 2009 after suffering a serious health scare which required eye surgery.A Frenchman at the forefront of the GLORY KICKBOXING scene, Remy Bonjasky was a former kickboxer who was renowned for his flying kicks and knee attacks. He was also known for his strong defense, and had 40 knockouts in his career.The main event of the evening features Thailand’s Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao (168-39-3) defending his GLORY featherweight title against Germany’s Ahmad Chikh Mousa (58-8-1).This 10th fight with the international organization of GLORY is decisive for Guerric. His goal, following his victory, is to meet Tyjani Beztati and take his belt, marking the culmination of his childhood dream.

Remy Bonjasky

A Frenchman at the forefront of the GLORY KICKBOXING scene, Daniel Sam is a seasoned and hard-hitting kickboxer who has fought on some of the world’s best promotions. He is known for his flying knees, devastating low kicks and strong punches.A childhood dream that continues for this original creusotin who started martial arts at the age of 5 with karate.The Frenchman got off to a great start with a series of low kicks in the first round, including a nice flying knee from his 28cm/11″ height advantage. The second round began with more kicks, and the pair kept it up in the third as well.A new twist to the Glory fight scene is ‘Road to Glory’ which allows non-Glory signed fighters to compete in a tournament or single bout to win a shot on an official Glory event. These events are exciting to watch and give non-Glory fighters an opportunity to show their talents.

Antonio Plazibat

He is currently scheduled to face Tarik Khbabez at Glory 80 Studio on May 14, 2022. The fight will be a rematch of their September 4, 2021 bout, which Plazibat won by a second-round knockout.A Frenchman at the forefront of the GLORY KICKBOXING scene, Cedric Doumbe has an impressive professional kickboxing record of 75 wins and 45 by KO. He is also known for his high-powered striking abilities and is regarded as one of the best welterweight kickboxers in the world.The next fight is between two contenders who both have win streaks in their resumes and are both looking to make a big name for themselves in the GLORY featherweight division. The winner will be crowned the four-man tournament champion.

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