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What Is Bobby Green’s Walkout Song? King’s Hip Hop Beats


For his entrance at UFC 265, Bobby walked out to No Flockin Freestyle by Kodak Black.Green’s song choice by Payroll Giovanni focuses on how he appears to the world with cars, expensive jewelry, and chasing women.“Expensive pain, expensive pain. Wins and losses, wins and losses.

UFC Fight Night 222 (Vs. Jared Gordon)

Early on, Fiziev couldn’t meet Green’s speed and instead attacked with plenty of low leg kicks.[embedded content]
[embedded content]
[embedded content]That fight ended up in a No Contest as Bobby accidentally clashed heads with Jared when attempting a lead elbow strike.

UFC Fight Night 216 (Vs. Drew Dober)

You can even hear it on the TV event. He’s constantly saying things like “that punch missed,” “nah, that didn’t hurt,” “that hit my elbow,” and “you’ve got nothing.”

This was a highlight fight because both Bobby and Rafael absolutely love to throw down.For his fight against Drew Dober at UFC Fight Night 216, Bobby walked out to I Wonder by Kanye West.It seemed clear that Green didn’t want to get into these heavy striking exchanges that Fiziev is known for and instead kept picking away with the long jab and counters.Latest MMA Shorts from the Hive…In the final round, Bobby picked up the pace with some fascinating striking and outpaced Rafael with 74 significant strikes to his opponent’s 35.It didn’t take much time during the first round for Makhachev to begin controlling Green by limiting his ability to use his striking techniques.Dober shared, in an interview with The MMA Hour, just how tricky it was to connect with Green in the first round, where he commented that Bobby ‘King’ Green loves to trash talk while fighting.Keep scrolling to learn more about his different walkout music picks over his last few fights.What a fighter.Both are in a stacked division of the UFC in Lightweight, but perhaps it’s the right weight classes for their frames.

UFC Fight Night 202 (Vs. Islam Makhachev)

Apparently, Bobby took this fight on short notice. That, combined with the fact he isn’t much of a wrestling fighter, put him at a clear disadvantage for this fight.

Bobby fought against Jared Gordon recently, and I’m yet to figure out the actual song.Maybe it was the intensity of those connected strikes from Rafael, but Bobby lost the fight by unanimous decision.When Bobby Green took on the Dagestan powerhouse that is Islam Makhachev (when most others were avoiding him, might I add!), he walked out to Hit Em Up by 2Pac.The man certainly has +10 Speed and +5 Foresight which helps him become so hard to hit.I just wanna thank all my guys, all my people for riding with me. I apologize, but this is what it comes with when you throw this sh*t together, you know what I’m saying?He’s one of the most entertaining strikers in the UFC, using his unique Philly shell guard often to slip punches and counter like a master. He is an entertainer in the cage and exciting during his walkouts — so what’s the Bobby Green walkout song choice?

He wore down Nasrat’s high guard by constantly jabbing and poking at it, while attempts to retaliate were met with Bobby’s slip-and-counter combinations.I’m still surprised by that result, to be honest, as ‘King’ Green did a ton of work landing direct head strikes throughout that fight to bloody up Rafael’s face.It has more of a positive message than most rap songs, like, in particular, how it promotes work ethic and building up your own empire, and letting the rest come to you.Bobby Green

But it will probably be rap or hip-hop, and I’ll update right here as soon as I have the right track determined!

UFC 271 (Vs. Nasrat Haqparast)

And we fight fans were lucky enough to get a lot of what we wanted in the fight.

In the later rounds, Rafael repeatedly targeted Bobby’s legs, midsection, and head with his powerful kicks, intensifying the pressure.He ended up finishing with head strikes with his legs fully wrapped around Bobby’s waist as he was unable to break free.That defeat marked Bobby Green’s only second knockout loss in his MMA career. So props to Drew for finding the chin!For his most recent fight against Drew Dober at UFC Fight Night 216, Bobby Green chose I Wonder by Kanye West as his walkout song. However, he often switches up his song selection and has previously walked out to tracks such as Hit Em Up by 2Pac and What I Look Like by Payroll Giovanni.

It was last minute, put it together as much as I can. I appreciate you. The sh*t we do for our families, the sh*t we do for our families, you know? Love you guys.”The fight began with both looking for striking opportunities and Islam landing a couple of early leg kicks.

UFC 265 (Vs. Rafael Fiziev)

For Bobby’s fight against Nasrat Haqparast at UFC 271, he walked out to What I Look Like by Payroll Giovanni.

This fight built up a ton of anticipation because many fans (I’m one of them) love to watch Green in the cage with his slick shoulder rolling and slips to avoid strikes.But it’s just another one of those sketchy decisions from the judge’s scorecards that happen from time to time.After the fight, Bobby posted a video to his Instagram to let his fans know his post-fight feelings:It wasn’t really much of a matchup the fans would want to see, for my money. It was always going to go one way.The face of Nasrat Haqparast showed the separation in striking skill during this fight as it was bloody from the get-go.Be sure to check out the full list of UFC walkout songs where I’ve already covered a couple hundred fighters, or try these dedicated articles to fighters’ music choices to learn more:

The fight was one of Bobby’s most entertaining of late because it was an elite striking display.Drew Dober ultimately won the fight with a knockout left-hook after constantly advancing to push Bobby up against the fence, where he ultimately couldn’t slip every strike coming at him.The Dagestani secured a takedown against the fence and smothered Bobby by maintaining top position, eventually leading into the half mount, then full mount.

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Bobby won the fight after three rounds by unanimous decision.What Is Bobby Green’s Walkout Song? King’s Hip Hop Beats

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