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Sabrina Filzmoser, a well-known figure from Austria, is set to participate in the Linz Grand Prix scheduled for May.


An expert mountain climber, Sabrina Filzmoser has been visiting the Himalayas since 2005 and has run judo workshops for youth in Nepal and Bhutan. She has also been a strong supporter of various Judo for Peace Projects in the region.In the upcoming Linz Grand Prix, Filzmoser will compete against other top athletes. She is expected to be a strong contender for the gold medal.The Olympic Games in Tokyo are just over a year away and Filzmoser is hoping to qualify for the team. She will continue to train hard in preparation for the event.Until last year Austrian hosted a European Open (Oberwart) which was before a World Cup. Actually in 2000 and 2001 it was called a Grand Prix, way before the IJF World Tour introduced Grand Prix and Grand Slam events. The former A-tournament started in Leonding since 1989 and switched to Vienna in 2006 and since 2013 the European Open was held in Oberwart until last year where Michaela Polleres celebrated a gold medal, Polleres who is on form in this moment as well. Filzmoser won the World Cup in Leonding in 2005. She will turn 43 in June this year and still compete in the IJF World Tour.She has made a point of promoting the sport in her home country, contributing to a number of Judo for peace projects on the ground and donating gi tops to her fellow competitors. She even has her own charity to which she dispenses the best of her well-earned cash.There’s no question that a multi-year career in one of the world’s oldest sports is impressive, but it takes a special kind of person to achieve the balance of professionalism and community engagement that this star has. We are very fortunate to have her in our midst!

Sabrina Filzmoser is a retired Austrian judoka

As a member of the national team, she is eligible to compete in the Olympics. This means that she will have to finish in the top 14 at the end of the qualifying phase.A member of the Austrian National Team, Filzmoser has been training hard in preparation for this tournament. Her training includes a variety of techniques, including joint locks and teepo.179 athletes from 34 nations have registered to compete at this tournament. It is the first World Tour event after the World Championships in Doha (QAT/7 – 14 May). Athletes will compete for a range of World Tour medals as well as Olympic qualification for Paris 2024.Throughout her professional journey, she has achieved numerous accolades both domestically and internationally. One of her notable accomplishments was securing the third-place position and receiving a bronze medal at the 2007 IJF Judo World Championships.

She is a two-time bronze medalist at the World Judo Championships

She recently travelled to Nepal to launch the latest IJF Judo for Peace project. The programme was launched with a visit to the Judo for Peace Foundation in Kathmandu where she gathered Judo gear and donated it to the charity. The charity is a nonprofit organization that helps children and adults with vision or hearing disabilities to live their lives fully independently through the practice of Judo.COLOP has been supporting the Wels judo club LZ Multikraft Wels for over thirty years and is proud to see three of their athletes returning from Japan with gold medals. Kimran Borchashvili, Sabrina Filzmoser and Shamil Borchashvili will all be welcomed back to Wels for a large Olympic reception.Austrian icon Sabrina Filzmoser will compete at the Linz Grand Prix for the first time in over a decade, marking her return to the mat after a long and successful professional sporting career. The four-time European Champion and two-time bronze medallist is an expert on the ol’ mountain climbing scene, but she’s also an avid enthusiast of all things Judo.

She is a two-time European Judo Champion

So far 179 athletes from 34 nations have registered for the Austrian Grand Prix, with former World Champion and Olympic silver medallist Madeleine Malonga (-78/FRA) leading the way. The Austrian Grand Prix is the first World Tour tournament after the World Championships in Doha (QAT/7 – 14 May).At least 20 Austrian athletes will make their debut in the World Tour in Linz. The youngest athlete is Ronald Pröll, who is 17 years old and has a weight of -90. The oldest athlete is Sabrina Filzmoser, who is 42 years old and is considered a local hero with a weight of -57. Additionally, the Borchashvili brothers (Kimran, Shamil, and Wachid) will also participate in the event.A two-time European Judo Champion, Sabrina has competed at four Olympic Games and retired from the sport after Tokyo 2020. She began her journey in India on March 4 on a bike, before hiking through Nepal and taking on Mount Everest’s gruelling ascent.She also works with youth in Nepal and Bhutan. In addition, she runs judo workshops for youth.

She is a member of the Austrian National Team

Sabrina Filzmoser is a two-time European Champion and has won a number of national titles. She has a passion for mountain climbing and travels regularly to the Himalayas.She unveiled an IJF flag at the summit of the world’s highest mountain. Her journey was captured on film and the IJF has released a short film about her life story.Austrian icon Sabrina Filzmoser will compete at the Linz Grand Prix this week. The -57 kg fighter has been in top form lately and is expected to make her mark on the competition.The 35-year-old athlete also has a long-standing relationship with the IJF, which she began training at as a junior. She has been part of the IJF’s Judo for Peace programme, which aims to help Nepalese children escape from a life of war and poverty.Austrian icon Sabrina Filzmoser will compete at the Linz Grand Prix in May. It will be her World Tour debut, and she has a good chance of winning a medal.Austria is set to participate in the Upper Austrian Grand Prix, taking place at the Tips Arena in Linz from May 25th to 27th. The team will consist of 43 judoka, including all nine Austrian World Championship contenders: Katharina Tanzer (-48), Magdalena Krssakova, Lubjana “Lulu” Piovesana (both -63), Elena Dengg, Michaela Polleres (-70), Marcus Auer (-60), Shamil, Wachid Borchashvili (-81), and Aaron Fara (-100).

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