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Paddy Pimblett Rejuvenates Rivalry With Ariel Helwani


The rivalry between Paddy Pimblett and Ariel Helwani has been ongoing for a while now. During the past few years, the pair have had numerous exchanges.Helwani is a well-known figure in the sport and has won 12 MMA Journalist of the Year awards. He has a large following in the community and is known for his controversial comments.

Paddy Pimblett isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He recently appeared on Dana White’s podcast during fight week and touched on a number of topics, including their shared dislike of Ariel Helwani.

Helwani addressed the situation by revealing several text messages and voicemails from Pimblett. During a recent interview with Sean Sheehan, ‘The Baddy’ revisited the rivalry by saying:

Paddy Pimblett says he shouldn’t have called Ariel Helwani names, won’t bury the hatchet

— Jed I. Goodman © (@jedigoodman) April 24, 2023

“No, lad. He tried to assassinate me character. He’s tried to ruin my career.”

Helwani is one of the highest-profile journalists in mixed martial arts and has a massive following. However, he also uses fighters to make money and doesn’t share his profits with them.

The winner of the match was revealed to be Pimblett, who was given 29-28×3 scores by both judges. However, many believed that Gordon had done more than enough to win the fight.

Pimblett last fought in December 2022, extending his UFC record to 4-0 with a controversial decision win against Jared Gordon. ‘The Baddy’ suffered a severe ankle injury, which has left him sidelined after surgery. The Liverpool native recently revealed that he might not fight until next year due to the extended recovery process.

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The Scouse fighter has now decided to rejuvenate his rivalry with Helwani. He claims that the Canadian reporter “tried to ruin” his career before his recent fight with Gordon.In a bid to reignite their rivalry, Pimblett has made an attempt to take shots at Helwani.

Ariel Helwani

Ariel Helwani and Paddy Pimblett have rekindled an unlikely rivalry that they both snubbed for a long time. The two have been sparring over the years but this latest exchange has taken things to a whole new level.Ariel Helwani is a renowned journalist and podcaster in the world of MMA sports. Despite his controversial nature, Helwani has garnered the respect of many in the sport.Pimblett was asked if he would resolve the issue with Helwani and responded by saying: Throughout the online altercation, Paddy Pimblett insulted Ariel Helwani by calling him names, which he now regrets. Pimblett blames his wrongdoing on the fact that he was cutting weight for his fight against Jared Gordon. ‘The Baddy’ had this to say during the same interview: 

Dana White

“I’ve said this the other day, I shouldn’t have called him names. I shouldn’t of, but anyone who was in my position there would understand it. That was fight week, I was water loading… Any fighter will understand you do get a bit assy. You can’t help it, you bite at people. So, when Ariel’s name got brought up, I shouldn’t have said nasty words.”Paddy Pimblett talks Ariel Helwani. @SeanSheehanBA @SevereMMA
Full interview here:https://t.co/BRMG06GTWg pic.twitter.com/saklXmCsFPBack in December, UFC lightweight contender Paddy Pimblett landed a controversial decision victory against Jared Gordon at UFC 282. The Baddy has always been a popular figure in the sport but his latest fight sparked massive debate and controversy.The outcome of Paddy Pimblett’s UFC 282 fight against Jared Gordon has met with a fair share of criticism from fans across the world. They dubbed it as ‘the biggest robbery’ in the UFC’s history.Helwani is a huge name in MMA journalism, having won 12 back-to-back MMA Journalist of the Year awards. The rivalry between Helwani and Pimblett has been a hot topic in the UFC lately.

Jared Gordon

I faced backlash for speaking honestly about Ariel, and it’s unbelievable. I have evidence on my phone to support my claims. The idea of receipts being necessary is absurd. The voice notes are particularly amusing because I suggested meeting up with him, but I never mentioned appearing on The MMA Hour. I used to consider Ariel a friend, but he only saw me as a way to make money.MMA fans were in shock as Helwani revealed an audio message sent by Pimblett asking for an interview on his podcast. The journalist was then scathing of the Scouser fighter’s approach to getting an interview on his show.Despite the controversial judging, Pimblett believes that he did enough to beat Gordon and that he deserved it. He says he didn’t feel like he was on the brink of defeat in the third round and Gordon had a terrible game plan for the round.Helwani also worked for WWE before, which makes him an interesting choice to cover a company that he has an ongoing conflict of interest with. Helwani’s former agent, Nick Khan (no relation to Tony Khan), is now the CEO of WWE.

Paddy Pimblett

When he was recently on an interview with Dana White, Pimblett went on a furious rant about Helwani. This led to a big stir on social media.Despite this, Pimblett was content with the outcome of the altercation. The competition was evenly matched and fought with caution.Paddy Pimblett rejuvenated his rivalry with MMA journalist Ariel Helwani. Helwani responded by revealing audio messages that the Scouse fighter sent him, asking him to collaborate on an interview. This caused a stir in the MMA community and the feud between the two is still going on.The Liverpool fighter claimed that Helwani is using him to boost his profile and wants payment for the interview.Helwani has always been a popular figure in the MMA world, and is well-known for his controversies that he gets involved in. Helwani has been accused of making money off of UFC fighters and stirring up controversies to gain more attention for his show.

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