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Jorge Masvidal expresses admiration for Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis, stating that their actions were impressive.


“It’s so special cause I felt like it set the rest of the world on track to get back to regular,” Masvidal said of fighting Kamaru Usman. “It was still like 30% attendance at a live show, things like that. It was just nuts and we were way past that already. And Corona was a major setback I think in a lot of people’s minds as well. Like the way that we were living. We just had to break that. That was a way to break it. So I always thank Governor DeSantis for that moment.”

“But thank God the heat is not that bad in Florida because we have an amazing governor in DeSantis that has fought against this, like a fighter would,” Masvidal continued. “It’s amazing that we have all this freedom in liberty in Florida, in Miami, and we could go out there and make money and be involved in businesses. So, I just thank God. When I saw Trump there, I just had to say it out to the world.”

With more politics on his mind, Masvidal also talked about the impact of the coronavirus and that he felt fighting in the midst of the pandemic helped things get back to normal.

“I wanted to say to the greatest president in the history of the world sitting right there,” Masvidal included in his retirement speech. “I love that guy… We also got the greatest governor of all time here in Florida. Let’s keep Florida free, a red state. Let’s take back you know who, ‘Let’s go, Brandon motherf*cker!’ Replace him.”
“Thank God that I’m in the greatest country in the world: United States,” Masvidal told Fox News. “In the best state in the country, Florida, and I’m biased, the best city in the world, Miami. These things are not just geographically, that’s why they’re that good. They’re a lot to do with politics, almost all of it. I feel what Trump was doing was amazing and we’ve seen [that] now that the opposition’s taken over. We’ve seen what’s happened.

Masvidal would explain why he voiced out support for Trump and DeSantis after his fight. 

The UFC superstar made headlines when he announced his MMA retirement at UFC 287 in his hometown of Miami, Florida. But, that wasn’t all Masvidal did in his post-fight interview as he also shouted out former president Donald Trump (who was cageside) as well as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

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