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A Critique of Tommy Moore’s Book on Contemporary Bartitsu


But books are immersive. You have to engage your brain to read and this makes the contents super useful.

An Invitation to Build a Bartitsu Legacy

Who knows, after reading, you might too.In essence, it is a great look at the art of Bartitsu.Andrew HollandThis brings me onto who this book is not for.

Who is This Book Not For?

A true enthusiast of the sport.
But it deserves to be treated as an experience, something to immerse yourself into and enjoy.

But it deserves to be treated as an experience, something to immerse yourself into and enjoy.

But it deserves to be treated as an experience, something to immerse yourself into and enjoy.

What’s It All About?

This book is the result of this effort, and it is a must-have for anyone interested in the history of self-defence in Britain. The author’s meticulous research and use of archival documents make this an authoritative and well-written history of bartitsu. It is also an excellent reference work for historians and those who are studying the Victorian era. In addition to the written material, the book includes several rare images and an informative bibliography.Its practitioners are generally referred to as ‘Bartitsu enthusiasts’ and many of them are familiar with the historical source material. They may also have a background in other martial arts or combat sports.And in this article, I review his book ‘Modern Bartitsu: Scientific Street Fighting for Ladies and Gentleman’.


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Tony Wolf, a martial arts instructor and fighter choreographer, is among the revivalists who have dedicated years to researching and compiling martial arts manuals from a bygone era. Their aim is to revive the art and bring it back to life. Together with other members of the Bartitsu Society, they have worked tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Modern Bartitsu is a revival of this original martial art with its roots in Edwardian fisticuffs, stick fencing and jiujitsu. It is a martial art that seeks to avoid violence, de-escalate disputes safely and bring conflicts to an end as quickly and smoothly as possible.The other aspect that I love is the sheer range of techniques. It covers so many options for self-defence, it’s beyond belief.

What is Modern Bartitsu?

This approach resembles the current concept of cross-training in modern combat sports. It allows for a wide variety of stances, punching and kicking techniques and combinations, which are then used to defend against a wide variety of attacks. It is therefore a very good way to develop your own personal fighting style, which in turn allows for greater flexibility and creativity during training.A well thought out and placed table of contents is a must have in any book. It’s not only visually pleasing but will save you a lot of time in the long run as you can quickly and easily locate a specific topic or chapter in your book. This is particularly true if you are writing nonfiction. The most important thing to remember about a table of contents is that it should be no more than one page.Modern Bartitsu is a book that deserves a place on any Martial Artist’s shelf. Its images are incredible, its design is a joy to behold and the content is superb.Yes, you can take online resources to the club, the toilet and even watch them while the other half has a boring show on TV.

What is the Book’s Purpose?

The images are incredible, the design a joy to behold and the content superb.In addition to the author’s words, there are many other things that go into the creation of a book. From the table of contents to the copyright page, each of these parts plays a vital role in the overall success of your work.This brings me onto a key issue, Martial Arts books are great.I felt that this was an excellent addition to the book. Because that’s exactly what the book does, it invites people to add this art to their lives, their schedules and indeed their worlds.

What is the Book’s Style?

Don’t wait to be treated, grab yourself a copy by clicking the link below.So, what are you waiting for?This book has a unique and fascinating quality to it, as if it is a combination of a literary work and a device capable of transporting the reader through time.

What is the Book’s Content?

Let’s dive in.And that’s Tommy.(Image Credit)

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