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8 Best Muay Thai Shin Guards (and MMA) Reviews | Buying Guide


Safety is essential when it comes to sports, especially sports that can cause serious injuries such as Muay Thai and MMA. No matter if you’re a beginner just starting or an elite fighter who has trained for 20+ years, you’ll do well to invest in a solid pair of shin guards that can keep you safe.If you’re looking for an entry-level shin guard choice, this could just be the perfect fit for you. Thankfully the cost of these isn’t extortionate, so you shouldn’t feel like you’ll need to sell an arm and a leg to buy them! However, with that comes a drop in durability, so be aware that you will likely need to replace these sooner than someone that shells out a bit more for the premium tier guards mentioned in this article.

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Top Picks

Who Should Get This?

In terms of shin guard quality, these rank highly for me. Fairtex is my top choice, but if I needed new ones urgently, I would readily purchase RDX shin guards. However, RDX may not be suitable for everyone as they use animal products in their gear. Nonetheless, for those who are okay with this, RDX offers an excellent option at a reasonable cost.In this article, I have carefully selected the absolute best muay thai shin guards options for you to select from. Whether you’re looking for something light with great mobility or super thick and protective, I have you covered. Although I mentioned previously not to count your pennies with shin guards I’ve brought a wide range of options to the list at varying price points.Pros

Factors to Consider Before Buying Muay Thai and MMA Shin Guards

Shin Guard Type 

Make no mistake about it, RDX is a serious player in the combat sports equipment market. They not only provide quality on a consistent basis, but they also create products that look cool and classy. These shin guards are no exception. However, for some these simply won’t be an option as animal hide has been used for outer protection.It has been an absolute pleasure creating this article. I hope that it supports you adequately on your journey to selecting the best muay thai shin guards (or MMA) for you.Verdict

Shin Guard Size

Yokkao isn’t new to the game of muay thai protective gear, in fact, they’ve been in competition with Fairtex for quite some time. Similar to Fairtex they’ve been continually improving their shin guards over the years. The Yokkao Matrix Shin Guards are considered by some muay thai fighters to be the creme de la creme of muay thai shin guards available on the market. They are most certainly in the elite tier of guards available, that much I can say for certain.Fairtex are the leading muay thai equipment producer in the world. Decade after decade they have provided muay thai fighters with unquestionably some of the best gear to ever hit the market. Well known for their attention to detail and overall build quality, you know that when you buy Fairtex it will last.

Shin Guard Fit


Which are The Best Muay Thai Shin Guards (and MMA)

#1 Fairtex Competition Shin Guards – Best Overall

Best Muay Thai Shin Guards | Fairtex Competition Shin Guards

Next, we have the different needs that different combat sports require of the athlete. For example, MMA fighters require protection but also more mobility than Muay Thai fighters, this is because they’re having to deal with takedowns too. Therefore, MMA shin guards are often a bit more streamlined in design and also have the non-slip sock style on the interior as wrestling can easily dislodge a shin guard.We can’t be leaving out the kids from this comprehensive shin guards review article! Venum has done an outstanding job with these shin guards to ensure they both provide protection and look awesome. You know what kids are like, they’ll do it and then think later. That’s precisely why you need them to be as padded as possible when training to ensure they don’t do any harm to themselves or other people! These shin guards will give you the peace of mind that their limbs aren’t going to take any unnecessary knocks.

  • High-quality synthetic leather (comparable to real leather) 
  • Excellent protection used by muay thai trainers all over Thailand
  • Separate instep and shin pieces to allow for optimal protection


  • Many colors to choose from
  • Amazingly well-fitting 
  • Wide range of sizes 


  • Excellent mobility
  • Velcro loop and lock system
  • Full shin protection


  • Fairly priced
  • Super comfortable
  • Decent protection


  • Incredible durability
  • Impressive mobility
  • Full shin and foot protection


  • Additional protection for the knee
  • Surprisingly light for the additional protection
  • Highly durable


  • Clean design
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent fit


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent for both muay thai and MMA
  • Comes in multiple sizes


  • Cool colors
  • Secure loop and lock system
  • Comfortable

Key Features

  • Sizing can be an issue

Table of ContentsCons

Final Thoughts

Sanabul once again, this time for those of you who are finding the higher price tags of the premium shin guards a bit difficult to stomach. No problem, Sanabul has you covered. Although they are far from the best shin guards on the market, they do still provide protection and also boast the added benefit of being non-slip.Your body starting from the knee downwards will thank you for buying the Hayabusa T3 shin guards, especially after a heavy sparring session. It is hard to compete with the level of protection these shin guards offer, however, for me the padding is more than I believe the vast majority of people are looking for. The reality is, however much extra protection is added, it will have an impact on mobility and that can be dangerous (especially in mid-high level sparring and fights).Being backed by former UFC champions Michael Bisping and TJ Dillashaw has required Sanabul to ensure whatever products they come out with are legit. These shin guards are going to stand up to the test of time if you’re sparring like a beast every session, however for the casual fighter that wants something eye-catching, you’ll be more than happy with this purchase. Over the years Hayabusa has done an excellent job of inserting themselves into the conversation of the best muay thai gear suppliers on the planet. Their knowledge of fighter’s needs is second to none, allowing them to develop products that hit the mark more often than not. The Hayabusa T3 shin guards are perfect for those of you who simply want the most amount of protection above anything else.


Why do you need Shin Guards for Muay Thai and MMA?

Key FeaturesVerdict

Is there a significance to wearing a specific shin guard on a particular side?

Unfortunately, you’ll only get a real sense of what a shin guard will be like over time through prolonged use, however, the article should help you significantly when it comes to picking the right option for you.

Do Muay Thai and MMA fighters wear shin guards?

Whether you’re doing MMA or Muay Thai, there is likely to be shin contact at some point, therefore protect yourself and your partner by wearing protection. Additionally, strikes to the legs, body, and head are significantly lessened with shin guards allowing you to land but doing less damage to your training partner.Pros

How do I maintain my shin guards properly?


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