Karate for Kids

Kyoku-Kids, ages 4-7.  This is a non-contact, character building class designed to give the student all the benefits of karate training with-out actual sparring. Classes focus on the development of balance, strength, mental dexterity and attention span through an innovative series of dojo games, karate obstacle courses, problem solving and meditation. Kyoku-kids is an excellent preparation for a more serious study of the martial arts and very often Kyoku-kids graduates continue their karate training in our youth program.


Ralph Emerson Elementary School Demo 2010

Kyokushin Youth, ages 8-16. Our youth karate program is a fully sanctioned member of the I.F.K.(International Federation of Kyokushinkai). Our classes are among some of the best and most serious karate training in the region with our branch claiming several local, national and international championships in Kumite and Kata. The Kyokushin curriculum is based on a traditonal training system by Sosai Mas Oyama and further developed by Hashi Steve Arneil. Kyokushinkai Karate aims to develop our students’ potential toward becoming the finest human beings they can be with strength, respect and focus.

Instructor Internship, ages 16 to Adult

Instructor Internship is a program for students San Kyu (green stripe) or higher and concentrates on building the leadership and communication skills necessary to assist in instruction. Both Challenging and rewarding, this class comes with real world reponsibility and is great prep for Shodan. (Black Belt)