Bonsai Club

Students learn structure, and patience through the art of Bonsai.

Our Dojo has launched a Bonsai Club to teach the Japanese art of bonsai. Growing bonsai trees requires structure, discipline, decision-making and patience … many of the qualities also needed to study karate.

“In Karate, students learn to shape and grow themselves into the best, strongest, person they can be. Bonsai is very similar in that we shape, feed and grow a sapling into a strong tree,” says Senpai Robert Christophe, Director of Victory Dojo & Fitness who has a second degree black belt in Kyoskushin karate and over 20 years of experience in growing Bonsai trees. “The connection between the two disciplines seemed an obvious choice when we were looking to offer something new at our dojo. We refer to it as ‘shape your bonsai … shape yourself’.”

For $30, Bonsai Club participants receive a sapling, pot, soil and wire as well as supervised Japanese gardening classes on Saturday mornings at 8:30am. Club members are welcome, and encouraged, to visit and care for their bonsai trees at Victory Dojo & Fitness several times per week. Once the trees have matured, typically after six weeks, Club members take them home and care for them on their own.

Although the Bonsai Club was originally developed for dojo students, it is open to the public. “We started the Club on June 1 and already we have 20 active Club members, mostly children,” Robert adds. “But anyone in the community is welcome to join us, and learn the art of Bonsai.”